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GE Healthcare Taps into $28 Billiion Orphaned IP Market With Stake in Pilot Lite Ventures

GE Healthcare has taken a 20% stake in global venture management company Pilot Lite Ventures (PLV), expanding its consulting business as it seeks to tap into an estimated $28 billion global market in unexploited healthcare and wellness R&D, orphaned IP and early-stage technology. Click here to read the full press release.


Recent Insights

Secrets of the consultant: revealed

Tim O’Hanlon, CQP FCQI, is partner at GE Healthcare Finnamore and an award-winning management consultant who has made groundbreaking improvements to healthcare groups across the UK. Writing in January's edition of Quality World Magazine he reveals how you can unlock your consultancy skills to become an advocate for change.


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How Brexit and the US Election Results could be impacting your Healthcare IT budgets right now

There is no doubt that 2016 has brought some significant and unpredicted changes in the political landscape both at home and overseas. However, as the UK works through the implications of its Brexit decision in June this year, there is already evidence that this is already having an impact on healthcare IT budgets writes GE Healthcare Finnamore Director, Adam Drury.


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